The Council of State maintains the ban on the veil in football competitions

The Council of State maintains the ban on the veil in football competitions

The highest French administrative court will not have taken long before deciding the thorny question of wearing the veil on football pitches. And it is rather in the heart that she did it, this Thursday, June 29, three days after having examined it during the hearing which was held on Monday!

Deaf to the recommendations of the public rapporteur, Clément Malverti, which triggered a real outcry, the Council of State ruled against the appeal issued by the Collective of Hijabeuses against article 1, deemed draconian, of the Federation’s regulations French football. The hijab will therefore always be prohibited in football competitions.

Clément Malverti, whose recommendations are generally followed, had the audacity not to go with the wind and reaped a storm of… outraged reactions. He has, in fact, agreed with the Hijabeuses, asking the FFF to modify its rules.

More sensitive, obviously, to the firm opposition of Gérald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, who had immediately stood up on his lugs, that in the opinion of the public rapporteur, the Council of State unsurprisingly maintained the interdiction of wearing the hijab in women’s football.

According to the decision he rendered and which falls like a cleaver on the Hijabeuses collective, it appears that if the players are indeed users of a public service and, consequently, are not subject to the duty of “neutrality”the FFF on the other hand has the right to enact the rules it deems necessary for the ” the good proceedings “ matches. It’s a direct return to the locker room! French secularism has struck again…