The Eid Al-Adha (1444-2023) celebration begins on Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The Eid Al-Adha (1444-2023) celebration begins on Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The feast of Eid Al-Adha, which will begin on Wednesday June 28, 2023, commemorates the work and the sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) and his son Ismaïl touched by divine Mercy, following a manifest ordeal. The day of Arafat, whose fasting is recommended, corresponds to Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

The sacrificial act consists in the slaughter of an animal, among those authorized by the Moslem tradition during the days of the festival. In France, it is mainly sheep (one per family) or cattle (one for seven families).

For those who can afford it, sacrifice is a recommendation or an obligation according to the different opinions of traditional Muslim schools. Like most rites, it is not an end in itself: “Neither the flesh nor the blood of these animals matter to God. Only your piety counts for Him. […] » (Quran – 22:37).

The tradition provides that a third of the animal sacrificed on the occasion of the festival is given to the poor, a third served to friends and relatives, and the last third reserved for family consumption: Call upon the Name of God on those who are ready to be sacrificed. And once the beast is slaughtered, you can feed on its flesh and distribute it to the discreet needy and poor beggars […] (Quran – 22:36).

The sacrificial act must be performed by qualified priests, in permanent or temporary state-approved slaughterhousesin compliance with regulations relating to food safety, health, animal protection and environmental protection.

I’slaughter of animals outside slaughterhouses is prohibited and constitutes an offense, punishable by a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 15,000 euros. Likewise, the possession of these live animals by persons not declared as a breeder at the EDE is also prohibited. Holding cash in irregular conditions exposes you to fines of 750 euros.

For more information : Lists/ETAB_AGR_853.pdf

Given the limited capacity of approved slaughterhouses, thee CFCM reminds that the sacrificial act can take place on the three days of Eid El-Adha. Likewisethe sacrifice by delegation is unanimously authorized. The delegation may be given to a natural person or to a humanitarian NGO recognized for this service.

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM),
Paris, June 18, 2023