The happiness of Amber Leibrock, the American MMA star: she converted to Islam

The happiness of Amber Leibrock, the American MMA star: she converted to Islam

You can be an outstanding gladiator of modern times and, one fine blessed day, far from the noisy arenas, feel your thick armor literally pierced by divine Grace.

It is this prodigious miracle of faith in Allah, the Most Knowledgeable in all things, the only one able to know who He guides towards His Light, which illuminated the existence of the American star of Mixed Martial Arts: Amber Leibrock.

Under the armor of the MMA fighter, who willingly threw herself into the lions’ den, beat the heart of a woman in search of meaning and appeasement. Away from the blinding spotlight, Amber Leibrock, 35, chose not to listen to her courage, but to what her heart dictated to her, flooded with a soft and ineffable light.

Serene and confident, she recently revealed her conversion to Islam on social networks, the intense happiness that her Islam gives her being her best shield against primary Islamophobia and the sinister artisans of hatred.

These last few months have changed my life », wrote Amber Leibrock on Instagram, before confiding openly: “ I’ve had my ups and downs. I worked harder than ever and still failed. Disconnected from people, I loved so much and saw my life turned upside down. Then, in the blink of an eye, everything started to make sense. Everything leads me on a path to get closer to Allah and find my religion “.

I have never felt closer to the incredible people in my life or to myself. So far, everything has gone exactly as it was supposed to and it has been well worth it. It’s not my timing. This is Allah’s timing and I have full faith in Him. Good, bad, whatever “, she added.

The terror of the rings who has become a Muslim has no fear of the future, because she knows that the Most High now lights the path on which she will progress with a recovered inner peace.