“The huckster Izzat Khatab financed Imam Chalghoumi.”  The damning investigation for the enlightened imam of the Enlightenment…

“The huckster Izzat Khatab financed Imam Chalghoumi.” The damning investigation for the enlightened imam of the Enlightenment…

If it has not escaped the sagacity of anyone, notably no French citizen of the Muslim faith, that the servile Hassen Chalghoumi is only a grotesque puppet whose strings the CRIF frantically pulls, fewer are those who knew that another unsavory character gravitated around him on purpose, behind the scenes of the vast Republican Tartufferie…

If you didn't have to be a great cleric to detect the gross deception that was hidden behind the meteoric media rise of the imam of Drancy, you had to navigate certain murky waters of politics, religion and diplomacy to know that 'Izzat Khatab, the “fake Syrian billionaire”, financed him to better serve his own ambitions.

It is these dangerous connections, which are not likely to restore the already fairly tarnished image of Hassen Chalghoumi, that Mediapart reveals in a damning investigation.

Dubbed by the CRIF, BHL and others, praised by the Republic, but disavowed by the Muslim community, the most publicized imam in France, who has the art of excoriating the language of Molière to the point of being perfectly unintelligible , aggravated his case by agreeing to be bribed by Izzat Khetab, the Syrian businessman described as a “huckster”.

As Mediapart reveals in its article to read on its site, Hassen Chalghoumi “ was used, with the former socialist Julien Dray, in a strategy of influence allowing Izzat Khetab to reach the Elysée, according to the testimony of Alexandre Benalla to the courts“.

And to continue in substance: “ According to the former collaborator of the Head of State, Mr. Khatab relied in particular on theImam Hassen Chalghoumi as well as on the former socialist deputy Julien Dray – the founder of SOS Racisme – to gain notoriety, despite a CV and a fortune with dubious realities to say the least. BRDA police officers were able to identify a payment to Hassen Chalghoumi, proving his financial link with the Syrian businessman. This transaction, for an amount of 100,000 euros, was carried out for the benefit of a religious event launched by the imam of Drancy, in 2018.»

We also learn that already in July 2017, the tidy sum of 100,000 euros had fallen into the purse of Hassen Chalghoumi on the occasion of the “Muslim March against terrorism”, the prodigious generosity of his patron, Izzat Khatab, being anything but selfless!

Propelled in a flash into the spotlight, on television sets, to unworthy platforms, even into the holy of holies of Israeli power, with Netanyahu, the high degree of compromise of the imam of Drancy is measured of the ridiculousness of his character: he is notoriously and sadly known. We can now complete this beautiful portrait of the enlightened imam of the Enlightenment, who never enlightened anyone with his enlightenment, with a new character trait: venality.