The man, arrested in Russia for a burning of the Koran, would have acted on behalf of Ukraine

The man, arrested in Russia for a burning of the Koran, would have acted on behalf of Ukraine

What dangerous arsonists are hiding behind the new burning of the Koran which, this time, aimed to set Russia on fire?

After being fanned in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, at the dawn of a new incendiary year, in particular by the Danish-Swedish Rasmus Paludan, one of the leaders of the Nordic far right, has this incandescent blaze of hatred been deliberately rekindled by Ukraine, as part of a highly inflammable war strategy?

Rasmus Paludan, the sinister Islamophobic troublemaker of the Nordic countries

According to the Tass agency, this is what the main Russian investigative authority said on Saturday, during its public announcement of the opening of a criminal investigation against one of its fellow citizens: Nikita Zhuravel. Arrested after a real manhunt, the one who is accused of having thrown the Koran into the flames in front of the Volgograd mosque, with supporting evidence, in order to sow discord and chaos, would have acted on order Ukrainian and… American special services.

For one of the sources of the Russian security forces, there is no room for doubt: this new outrageous Islamophobic provocation which, at the beginning of February, aroused the wrath of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – condemning ” criminal acts, deliberately committed to target Muslims and insult their religion, sacred values ​​and symbols” – was fomented by Ukraine, in close collaboration with the United States.

According to the available data, it is possible to trace the direct participation of US special services in the crime of desecration of a Muslim shrine “, assures this same source, not without having previously recalled that “ the Ukrainian regime, including its special services, works under the full control of American and British special agencies, including the preparation and implementation of terrorist attacks and sabotage on the territory of the Russian Federation “.

In the video below of his interrogation released by the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation), Nikita Zhuravel admitted without difficulty to having bought a copy of the Koran on the instructions of the SBU (Secret Service of the Russian Federation). Ukrainian State), before burning it near the Grand Mosque, located on Povorinskaya Street, in Volgograd.

More damning still, he immortalized his feat of arms with his own phone, then sent the images of his exploits to SBU employees. The video was uploaded to a website controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces Special Psychological Information and Operations Center.

Facing the camera, Zhuravel pleaded guilty, admitting to having acted with the aim of sowing “discord” between Christians and Muslims, in exchange for 100,000 rubles. On the social network “VKontakte”, the latter openly showed his support for Ukraine. He faces up to three years in prison for having seriously offended religious feelings, among other dark aims…