The new CFCM will trust the players in the field elected by their peers

The new CFCM will trust the players in the field elected by their peers

During its Extraordinary General Assembly of March 12, 2023, the CFCM unanimously adopted new statutes among its members, thus opening the way to a new form of representation of the Muslim faith in France.

This January 20, 2024, the CFCM has just completed one of the final stages of its reform by adopting new electoral regulations. The New CFCM is therefore based on two major orientations:

  1. Departmentalization and proximity to the field:

The new CFCM will start from the local base towards the national level via the departmental structures in which all the mosques in France can sit. By this choice, the CFCM wishes to give voice again to the actors in the field, elected by their peers, who will have the necessary and sufficient legitimacy to defend the interests of the Muslim faith.

  1. End of the co-optation system:

By opting for an electoral process open to all mosques in France, the new CFCM puts an end to the system of co-optation of half of its members by so-called statutory federations. This designation system, judged by many actors in the field to be arbitrary and undemocratic, had discredited the CFCM and seriously hampered its functioning.

The CFCM currently represents more than 1,100 mosques that participated in its 2020 election. The new CFCM calls on all mosques in France to support this new form of representation of Muslim worship. By joining massively, they will give it the means and the strength to act in the service of the Muslims of France.

In a participatory approach to listening and exchanging with stakeholders in the field, meetings and meetings will also be organized in the departments in anticipation of the next CFCM elections in 2024.

Furthermore, the General Assembly of the CFCM has just approved, today, the principle of a major reorganization of the National Observatory for the fight against Islamophobia at the departmental and national levels.

The terrible news in the Middle East which deeply affects all Muslims in France as well as our fellow citizens who love peace and justice, the proliferation of anti-Muslim comments and acts, the fight against radicalization, the many challenges that arise to the Muslims of France in connection with their religious practice, such as the training of imams, show that more than ever, the Muslim faith needs strong, legitimate representation close to the Muslims of France.

Paris, January 20, 2024

The French Council of Muslim Worship