"The olive trees are still growing in Gaza", the ode to hope by Ziad Medoukh

“The olive trees are still growing in Gaza”, the ode to hope by Ziad Medoukh

Deeply rooted in the ground, the majestic and robust olive trees of Gaza continue to produce their fruits each autumn. They remain bearers of peace and hope, despite Israel’s determination to ravage the land on which they stand, grow and flourish.

Two months have passed since a torrential rain of Israeli bombs fell again on the Palestinian enclave, in this fatal month of May 2023, destroying everything in its path, the vital sector of agriculture and the life innocent (more than 50 civilian casualties, including many women and children, more than 150 wounded and a hundred houses reduced to ruins).

Like invincible oaks, the olive trees of Gaza still and always resist the most appalling murderous offensives, and when harvest time comes, their fruits, far from becoming scarce, become more numerous and delicious. A happy omen that inspired the Palestinian academic Ziad Medoukh, poet and writer of French expression, spearhead of the citizens’ initiative “ Gaza, Life”, a magnificent poem that we have the pleasure of publishing ( read below) :

“Olive trees are still growing in Gaza.”

Ziad Medoukh picking olives with children in Gaza

Read by Rwan Shawa, and illustrated by the beautiful photos taken in the olive groves of Gaza by Mohamed Madhoun, let yourself be carried away by this vibrant ode to hope, to life stronger than death, stronger than death. horror of colonization, only tears and mourning.

The text of the poem signed Ziad Medoukh

painful events,

repeated crimes,

protracted misfortunes,

Who enamel life

In this open-air prison.

In this forgotten enclave,

In this cage left to its fate.

Gaza with warm arms,

With generous fingers,

Gaza, the millennial city

Forget the last tears of his heart

The depths of his pain.

Think of life, not death.

Gaza, life still resists.

She forgets the fear

Violence, the dark years and the war

Overcome his wounds,

The injustice pursued, the massacres perpetrated,

The complicit silence, and just the look

Faced with the impunity of the aggressor,

Gaza, the pride of solidarity

Who carry with them the burden of hope

It exists by the flame of hope,

His extraordinary patience,

And his exemplary courage.

His resistance breaks down all the walls

Wait for better days

She constantly hopes,

With its olive trees still growing.

These olive trees with the smell of sun and moon

Point to the fragrant horizon

Are growing all over Gaza,

Near the rivers

Near the sea

under the plains

At the top of the hill

In the mixed depths of his age

With reflections of gold and shade.

Our olive trees caress sands and stones

They touch souls and hearts

Are a melody for the legendary song

Of a migratory bird

They always give fruit, oil and victory

Despite the atrocity of an aggressor occupier

living in darkness

Who uproots these olive trees every day,

Even in the middle of a dark night.

Yes, our olive trees are our hopes,

Our irreducible love!

They symbolize peace, justice, and future

Are planted with sweat

Of our long years of struggle

Cared for by our glorious history,

Watered with our bloods,

And harvested in our souls.

Our olive trees passionate about justice

Are our happy days

where all the dreams take shape

Where all hopes come true,

Where are all the promises written?

Our roots are as deep as our olive trees.

Between the humanism of the oppressed,

And the brutality of the oppressor,

The olive trees of the fertile land of Palestine

Resist with dignity.

They help us overcome despair,

In this abandoned town

steeped in history,

Of life, and of beautiful memories.

With our olive trees still growing in Gaza,

Planted and harvested

Generation after generation,

We are waiting for something real.

Really better days

For our future,

Something more beautiful!

Gaza opens its heart

With a struggle, with a smile

A dignity, a great love,

Lots of hope.

She perseveres in pure words.

Gaza, you will pursue your happiness

With your olive trees still growing!