The urgent call for “an immediate ceasefire in Gaza” from Christian religious leaders in France

The urgent call for “an immediate ceasefire in Gaza” from Christian religious leaders in France

It was not white smoke that emerged yesterday, Tuesday March 5, from the meeting of the Council of Christian Churches in France (Cecef), but rather an urgent appeal addressed to the international community with the solemnity befitting the extreme gravity of the moment, so that a “immediate ceasefire in Gaza” no longer be wishful thinking.

In their compelling and urgent appeal which they signed with one hand, Mgr Eric de Moulins-Beaufortpresident of the Conference of Bishops of France (pictured above), Christian Krieger, president of the Protestant Federation of France, and Mgr Dimitrios Ploumispresident of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of France, urge an “immediate ceasefire in Gaza”, as well as “the release of all the hostages”while reaffirming their “solidarity with all the victims of the war between Israel and Hamas ».

Denouncing the desperate situation experienced by more than two million people living in the Gaza Strip”they forcefully remind us how much “Restriction of access to essential resources, such as medical care, food and water, is fundamentally inhumane”.

“The military objectives and political interests pursued by this war cannot neglect the priority of saving all human life”they emphasize, asking urgently » to all political and religious leaders “to intensify their action to put an end to this violence”, and especially “an immediate ceasefire to ensure the delivery of essential humanitarian aid, primarily medical care, food and water”.

Mgr Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, Christian Krieger and Mgr. Dimitrios Ploumis also advocate for the deployment “international efforts” for'“open, through dialogue, a new political path towards lasting peace” And “revive the debate on a viable two-state solution”.

We expressed our solidarity in the aftermath of the terrorist attack of October 7. We repeat it, as is our duty, after the killing of more than a hundred starving Gazans which took place on Thursday February 29, and forces us to see what is inhumane in the present situation. »these three high Christian dignitaries still insist, in a deeply indignant and distressed pen.