These Muslim footballers who publicly support the Palestinians, except one… Mohamed Salah

These Muslim footballers who publicly support the Palestinians, except one… Mohamed Salah

If Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian football star, remains in heavy silence on the subject of the martyred enclave of Gaza, and says nothing about the genocidal massacre perpetrated by Israel, other Muslim virtuosos of the football have taken the the exact opposite: unconditionally on the side of the Palestinian population, they did not hesitate to show their unwavering support in these dire times.

Would Mohamed Salah muzzle himself for fear of attracting the wrath of the feverish supporters of ultra-Zionism on the other side of the Channel? In any case, his deafening silence discredits him in the eyes of his fervent supporters in the Arab world, with the “Egyptian king” of Liverpool FC at high risk of being deposed from his throne under the flood of scathing criticism.

In the space of a few days, his Facebook page has lost no less than a million followers, and many believe that he is no longer worthy of his honorary title: the “Pride of the Arabs”.

At the opposite, Karim Benzema, Mohamed Elneny, Riyad Mahrez, Mostafa Mohamed and Ahmed Hassan Kouka (to name just a few) let their hearts speak, a heart that bleeds in the face of the atrocities suffered by Gazans. If there is one risk they willingly take, it is falling into disgrace in the eyes of Israel’s sinister propagandists, wherever in the world they pour their venom and outright lies.

Karim Benzema

The star striker of the Saudi club Al Ittihad, crowned Ballon d’Or 2022, recently showed his support for Gaza, condemning Israeli war crimes, on the X platform:

The Egyptian Mohamed Elneny

Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny showed his support for Palestine by changing his Instagram profile picture to the Palestinian flag.

Algerian Riyad Mahrez

Saudi club Al Ahly’s new winger, former Manchester City player and star of the Algerian national team, posted a photo of himself posing with the Palestinian flag, after Algeria’s latest 5-1 victory over Cape Town. Vert, alongside his teammates Ahmed Touba and Saïd Benrahma.

The Egyptian Mostafa Mohamed

The Nantes center forward changed his profile photo on Instagram to the Palestinian flag, in a clear message of support for Palestinian civilians.

Ahmed Hassan Kouka

Ahmed Hassan Kouka, an Egyptian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Turkish club Pendikspor and the Egyptian national team, has written a powerful message of support for Palestine and its martyred population. (read its full translation below)

The translation of its strong message of solidarity

“I lived in Europe 11 years ago, that’s why I have followers and friends who are not Arab, so this article and my stories that I share about Palestine are for you.

My Arab friends and I have known very well what has been happening for decades.
Israel took the land of Palestine, killed thousands of people, destroyed everything and Palestine, after so many years of trying to fight back, even with the few weapons they have, the Western media called them a terrorists!!

Western media said they beheaded 40 babies, but there were no photos or videos proving this, so this is another false story.

I am against anyone who kills civilians or innocent people! But the real terrorists here are those who bomb the whole country, 2 million people, 40% of them children, cut off water, electricity, food, fuel, use internationally banned gases and say that ‘they fight human animals!!!

Some celebrities also posted photos from Gaza, while declaring that they stood with Israel! You can stand with whoever you want, but don’t be an idiot by publicizing the tragedy in Gaza like it is in Israel.

I think if you have a little bit of heart, you would be really sad and hurt from inside after seeing everything that is happening in Palestine these days. I almost forgot to tell you that social media platforms are banning accounts that dare to show the truth about this atrocity. It doesn’t matter if we face the consequences of trying to make their voices heard outside the trench.”