UK: Muslim railway worker receives royal honor for saving 29 lives

UK: Muslim railway worker receives royal honor for saving 29 lives

A true guardian angel of the British railway, constantly watching over his fellow men in distress, weakened by the vicissitudes of an existence that they are tempted to shorten under the wheels of a train, Rizwan Javed, 33, is a English railway worker like no other…

Raised to the prestigious rank of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), this young Muslim employee of the kingdom’s railway network is the pride of his Pakistani parents and commands the admiration of his fellow citizens. Every day that God makes, He accomplishes the great and noble mission in which he feels fully invested: saving human lives, at the edge of the quays, by redoubled vigilance and benevolence.

Hailed as an everyday hero by some, and as a benefactor of the rails by others, Rizwan Javed rushes towards the visibly lonely and vulnerable people, towards the suffering passengers whom he senses could commit a fatal act.

He thus dissuaded 29 people, in the grip of dismay, from ending their lives, by extending a helping hand to them at the last minute and lending them an attentive ear.

Compassion made man, Rizwan Javed, deeply imbued with the divine word which prescribes “saving a life means saving all of humanity », decided to put its emerging notoriety at the service of as many people as possible. And in what other agora could he preach the good word, hoping that it could find a wide echo, than on the sprawling social networks?

In this world, humanity knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter what religion we follow or the color of our skin; we are all connected by our common desire to uplift each other “, he wrote on Instagram.

And to continue talking about gold: We all have the ability to make a difference, and it starts with increased awareness and understanding. Let’s break down the barriers that divide us and embrace the diversity that enriches our world. By choosing empathy over judgment, we can create lasting change “.

The British railway is pleased to have in its ranks Rizwan Javed, the railway worker with a big heart and conscience-raiser, who walks on the path that God lights while preventing his fellow men from tragically branching off the path.