United States: Muslim leaders urge “Abandon Biden” for his unconditional support for Israel

United States: Muslim leaders urge “Abandon Biden” for his unconditional support for Israel

In the heart of the metropolis of Chicago which, for a weekend, has become the bustling capital of Muslim America, the vibrant calls to reject Joe Biden, to dissociate forever from this old Democratic president who has disowned his promises and betrayed his Muslim voters in the worst way possible, resonated loudly.

Sounding like powerful slogans during the Annual Convention of the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), they found a wide resonance with an audience which was particularly receptive to them. , such is the disenchantment: the 30,000 Muslim Americans who participated. All being deeply shocked, even revulsed, by the unconditional support, ad nauseam, of the United States for Israel, even at the height of the horror in Gaza.

Decried, vilified, stripped of his pedestal for his culpable refusal to demand an immediate ceasefire in a totally annihilated and cruelly bereaved Gaza Strip, for his unbearable inertia which splashes him with the blood of the more than 21,000 Palestinian victims of a genocidal massacre, Joe Biden, the octogenarian in the White House, will hardly be able to plead senility to be forgiven for the unforgivable…

Our active campaign against Biden for violating a key promise of the Democratic Party is having great success. Biden betrayed his commitments, betrayed the Muslim Americans who voted for him in 2020, by having the naivety to believe that he would consider that all lives matter, including those of Palestinians said Jaylani Hussein, head of the influential Council on American-Islamic Relations in Minnesota and spearheading the campaign #AbandonBiden.

We didn’t expect the president to be so paralyzed on such a crucial issue “, he greatly lamented, before solemnly taking the oath: ” We contributed to his election, and we were betrayed in a way so odious, so serious, that we urge us to act so that he comes out, so that he is never re-elected again. “.