Vassili Nebenzia, Russia's representative to the UN, demands it: it is time to impose sanctions on Israel!

Vassili Nebenzia, Russia's representative to the UN, demands it: it is time to impose sanctions on Israel!

Outrageously demonized by Western imperialism, which would nevertheless be better advised to examine its conscience for its criminal inertia in the face of the genocide in Gaza, and at a time when Macron, the president of the country of human rights, feels the soul of a warlord, Russia's indignation resonated at the UN.

It was through the angry voice of Vassili Nebenzia, her permanent representative within the Security Council, that she spoke forcefully on Tuesday during a special meeting on the tragic food insecurity in the Gaza Strip. in ruins, in this case sending the United States back to its infamous arrogance:

“You should be ashamed to compare the situation in Ukraine to Gaza (…) Russia is not barbarically bombing the civilian population of Ukraine. Who would teach us about this? The country that destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, which barbarically bombed these countries, and also Yugoslavia? Before you try to see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, next time, see the beam in yours.”

During his resounding intervention, the Russian diplomat not only let his legitimate anger burst forth. He also expressed his fear when reading the information contained in the report submitted by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to the members of the Security Council. Information describing the indescribable hell of Gaza, which “freeze the blood in the veins”, he was moved.

But the best was yet to come, when Vassili Nebenzia attacked the unassailable absolute impunity enjoyed by the State of Israel, since its creation, to the point of feasting on it to commit the unspeakable, in full view. of all. He, in fact, said out loud what many are thinking quietly: It is high time to impose sanctions on the illusory Israeli democracy and true apartheid state in all its horror.

The only vital imperative to prevent mass famine in Gaza is an urgent ceasefire and Israel's respect for international humanitarian law., he hammered again in a deep voice. Russia, through him, banging his fist on the table in the cozy UN enclosure, where cynicism reigns supreme.