Yamin al-Maqayyid, the little muezzin of Gaza

Yamin al-Maqayyid, the little muezzin of Gaza

In Beit Lahia, under the tender gaze of his father, in whom one can also read the pride of having such a pious and resilient son at such a young age, little Yamin al-Maqayyid accomplishes, every day that God makes, the noble mission in which he feels invested.

In one of the first towns in the Gaza Strip to be ravaged by Israel's vengeful fury, as soon as the time comes to prostrate oneself before the Most High, the voice of the one we now affectionately call “the little muezzin of Gaza” resonates with astonishing power. (video below)

Faced with the immense landscape of desolation which extends under the windows of his house which miraculously stands upright, although weakened by Zionist barbarism, the young Yamin, hoisted on a stool, makes it his duty to call daily to prayer .

“II am proud of my son. By destroying mosques, the occupiers seek to discourage residents of the Gaza Strip from remaining on their land and prepare the ground for their expulsion. The occupiers cannot stop us from reciting the call to prayer and praying. We must stay and not leave Gaza despite the bombings and destruction “, declared Mohammad al-Maqayyid, the father overcome by emotion of the little muezzin of Gaza.

A little muezzin who legitimately harbors the hope of being able, one day soon, to recite the Adhan from the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, in Al Quds, finally freed from the yoke of the Israeli apartheid state.