A fragment of the Kiswah on display at Mezut Özil

A fragment of the Kiswah on display at Mezut Özil

Before hanging up his crampons for good in 2022, the famous footballer Mesut Özil posed at home in front of a setting he never tired of contemplating with renewed emotion each time.

It must be said that this frame highlighted a rare piece that had been offered to him: a fragment of the Kiswah, the silky black robe that dresses the Holy Kaaba in Mecca. Particularly touched by this beautiful present, of inestimable value, he could not look away from the precious fabric he had displayed in the middle of his London apartment.

This photo, which has gone viral, was accompanied by the following comment: “Honored and privileged to have at my home in London, this special piece of Kiswah covering the Kaaba in Mecca. Very happy to have received this priceless gift. Alhamdulillah!”

Like every year, as the Hajj approaches, which should take place from June 26 to July 1, 2023, inch’Allah, the Kaaba will be adorned with its most beautiful black dress. Its spectacular annual renewal fascinates more than one (see video below)

Covering an area of ​​658 square meters and decorated with quranic verses calligraphys, which are embroidered with silver thread covered with gold, the making of the Kiswah requires more than 670 kilograms of pure white silk. Since 1930, its manufacture has been entrusted to the Umm Al-loud factory, located in Mecca. More than 250 people are working on its realization with meticulousness.