Abdelaziz Sheim, the young Algerian imam with the golden voice

Abdelaziz Sheim, the young Algerian imam with the golden voice

Pure delight for the ears, the marvelous crystalline voice of Abdelaziz Sheim, 25, magnified the Koranic verses like rarely throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

The blessed month among all is gone, but the golden voice of the young Algerian imam, a native of M’Sila, still resounds in everyone’s head. It never ceases to captivate those who have the privilege of listening to it religiously, inside mosques or on social networks. (see video below)

Thanks to his extraordinary vocal talent, his notoriety has since grown steadily, now extending well beyond Algeria, so dear to his heart.

Thus, on April 19, 2023, this outstanding reciter of the Noble Quran, who is also a brilliant student in Islamic sciences, had the honor of being invited by the governor of the emirate of Ajman, in the United Arab Emirates, to officiate during the night prayer of Tarawîh. A nocturnal prayer which he made a moment of rare intensity, vibrant with emotion.

The melodious voice of the young Algerian imam charms thousands of his co-religionists, including the highest Muslim authorities, like the General Assembly for Religious Affairs of the Emirate of Ajman, which hastened to make his distinguished guest, during the last days of the month of Ramadan.

On Twitter, the Algerian journalist Manel Belala, fascinated, published a video, with this eloquent caption: “ Reciter Abdelaziz Sheim has vocal chords of gold, and has caused a stir with his beautiful voice. He has indeed received an invitation from the governor of the emirate of Ajman to perform a recitation during derogatory prayers at the Amina Bint Ahmed El Gharir mosque. May God the Almighty bless him “.