Affair of the three jet skis: the Algerian Ministry of National Defense provides clarification on the night of the tragedy

Affair of the three jet skis: the Algerian Ministry of National Defense provides clarification on the night of the tragedy

Hasty and risky, speculations have been rife since that disastrous Tuesday, August 29 in Algerian territorial waters, and the tragic affair of the three jet-skis which ventured (two of them stubbornly) beyond the limits authorized.

Speculations which have navigated the murky waters of pernicious disinformation, even as gray areas have continued to thicken over the days.

On the other side of the Mediterranean, the Grande Muette will not remain silent for long. She came out of her reserve to reestablish the truth about the night of the tragedy, highlight the refusal to comply by the jet-ski pilots, and deny the serious accusations made against her.

Thus, on Sunday, the Ministry of National Defense sought to provide clarification on this matter, which was as dramatic as it was sensitive, demonstrating that the usual procedure in such cases had been scrupulously applied. Here is his press release published on the Algeria Press Service (APS) website.

“During a security and control patrol in our territorial waters, a Coast Guard unit, reporting to the Western Maritime Front/2nd RM, intercepted, on the evening of Tuesday August 29, 2023 at 7:47 p.m., three jet skis having illegally crossed our territorial waters. After issuing an audible warning and ordering them to stop several times, the suspects refused to comply and fled, carrying out dangerous maneuvers.

Given that this maritime border region is experiencing increased activity by drug trafficking gangs and organized crime, and given the obstinacy of the passengers of the said jet-skis, Coast Guard personnel carried out warning shots. After several attempts, shots were fired forcing one of the jet skis to stop, while the other two fled.

Wednesday August 30, 2023 at 5:00 p.m., during another Coast Guard patrol, an unidentified male body was recovered, showing a bullet hole from a firearm. The corpse was then transferred to the morgue of the Marsa Ben M’hidi polyclinic in Tlemcen. states the official press release.

The Ministry of National Defense also launched a vibrant appeal to the various national media, users of social networks and citizens from one side of the Belle Bleue to the other: that they do not “ do not pay attention to the false information circulating, aimed at harming the honorable image of the National People’s Army “.