Apology for war crimes by French people, on channels broadcast in France

Apology for war crimes by French people, on channels broadcast in France

After 80 days of the start of the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian territories of Gaza, the people of the whole world are helplessly witnessing the genocide of a civilian population knowingly hungry, thirsty and without any possibility of sheltering from the bombs. Gaza, besieged and under an inhumane blockade for years, has been transformed by the incessant and indiscriminate bombings of the Israeli army into a veritable mass grave whose victims are mainly children and women.

During these 80 days of terror, we also witnessed one of the worst dehumanization operations that history has known. Palestinians, reduced to animals or seen as simple shields of Hamas, are designated as terrorists, including children and babies.

Indeed, to justify the arbitrary detention of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons, Boaz Bismuth, a Franco-Israeli member of the Knesset, repeated three times on the French channel Cnews: that in Gaza, the youngest terrorist, as far as I know, is ten months old, ten months old! “. On this same channel, the Franco-Israeli lawyer Nili Naouri legitimizes the murder of children in Gaza: “ From birth, they learn to kill Jews. The civilian population is not innocent “.

Another Franco-Israeli woman declares on the i24 channel broadcasting in France that “ politicians must agree to press the “boom” (nuclear weapon button). We are a country with an atomic bomb…. No one should inhabit this land except the Jewish people “. On the same channel, another Franco-Israeli, David Antonelli, declared: “ I don’t care at all about the two million Gazans… Those who distinguish between the population and Hamas, they are forgetting something, they are all fed by the same hatred of the Jew “.

The CFCM strongly denounces and condemns these comments which advocate war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide or ethnic cleansing. The CFCM does not understand how these comments could have been made with complete impunity by French people on French media. Should we recall that some of our politicians have asked that fellow citizens be stripped of their nationality for having shown their support for the Palestinian civilian populations?

Furthermore, the CFCM salutes the attitude of the immense majority of our fellow citizens who have never confused the authors of these remarks with all of our compatriots of the Jewish faith and many Israelis and Jews around the world who love peace and of justice, equally bruised by the tragedy experienced by all the populations of Israel and Palestine.

Those who think they support the Palestinians by attacking, in any way whatsoever, the Jews, because they are Jews, are completely misguided and reproduce in principle the blind and indiscriminate vengeance of the Israeli army against all Palestinian civilians of all kinds. confessions.

While Israeli officials have just called for an intensification of violence and massacres, the CFCM calls for intensifying mobilization for the preservation of life and human dignity. Everything must be done to obtain an immediate ceasefire, the supply of civilian populations with water, food and medicine, an immediate release of all innocent hostages and the establishment of a just and lasting peace in accordance with the resolutions. United Nations.

Paris, December 27, 2023

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM)