Arab countries in flames after Israel's vile, deadly attack on Gaza hospital

Arab countries in flames after Israel’s vile, deadly attack on Gaza hospital

For more than 11 days, and over the course of its bloody reprisals against the population of Gaza which culminate in absolute horror, the true face of the Israeli apartheid state has appeared in all its darkness.

Netanyahu’s fascist government pushed the abjection last night, Tuesday October 17, to the point of dropping its devastating bombs on a sanctuary, on an inviolable place of asylum, where men and women in white are active daily in bedside of the most vulnerable: a hospital, in this case the hospital Al-Ahli located in Gaza City.

This new attack of rare barbarity, which has nearly 500 Palestinian victims, appallingly torpedoes international humanitarian lawand would be enough to put any other country out of the Nations!

But when it comes to Israel, the Western powers, including France, are mildly indignant, demanding proof, and without blinking or wavering, continue to blindly support, to the point of unreason, its countless crimes of war. And what does the apartheid state do in return? He blithely crossed a new level of ignominy, attributing the blame to Hamas!

Enough to arouse, in the Arab world in particular, a level of disgust rarely reached and raise a tsunami of indignation, as illustrated below the spectacular demonstrations of protest which set the streets of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, and the occupied West Bank ablaze.


Hundreds of people headed to the Korcic base in Turkey’s Malatya province where US troops are stationed

Thousands of people gathered in front of the Israeli consulate in Istanbul


A long nocturnal procession heading towards the American embassy in Beirut


Explosion of anger in the streets of the Tunisian capital


Outraged protesters set fire in front of Israeli embassy in Amman

Occupied West Bank

After Jenin, the situation heated up in Hebron