BHL enrages: “Algeria has chosen its side, that of the terrorist Putin”.  Who are we laughing at ?!

BHL enrages: “Algeria has chosen its side, that of the terrorist Putin”. Who are we laughing at ?!

So therefore the#Algeria has chosen his camp: that of the terrorist #Cheese friesmafia #Prigozhin, countless crimes against humanity, war against democracies and, sooner or later, defeat. At least things are clear “, reacted epidermically, on Twitter, the philosopher of warlike interference that no one envies the France of the Enlightenment… (see tweet below)

The warm handshake between the Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Poutine under the golds of the Kremlin, June 15, 2023

Under a pen soaked in vitriol, BHL, the self-proclaimed savior of Humanity, but only under the banner of Israel and its criminal ultra-Zionism, mocks the world with untold cynicism! Only here, his imposture no longer creates an illusion for a long time…

This murderous little sentence that the director of Parisianism’s conscience and ardent promoter of the specious concept of “humanitarian war” in Libya published on June 18, says a lot about the character’s perfidy and his limitless intellectual terrorism.

To split such a tweet, BHL, the “lord and master of counterfeiters”, as Pascal Boniface pinned him in his brilliant pamphlet ” The fake intellectuals», must obviously enrage in front of the sovereignty of Algeria and the multipolar world which takes shape under its eyes, while completely escaping its control.

The pill is hard to swallow for the grotesque benefactor of Humanity who, brushing in the wind and the eternally scruffy white shirt, aspires above all to lead it to the edge of unfathomable abysses… And that is frankly jubilant!!