his obscene caricature of President Erdogan scandalizes Turkey!  – Ummah

Charlie Hebdo has cracked down again: its obscene caricature of President Erdogan scandalizes Turkey!

Signed Charlie Hebdo, the art of French satire which, under the fallacious pretext of being able to laugh at everything, allows itself to slander, offend and caricature without safeguards, has struck again…

Behind the screen of the sacrosanct freedom of expression, how easy it is in Voltairean France, under a pencil line that forces the line to the point of outrage, to ridicule in the worst possible way Turkish faces from the newspaper: President Erdogan!

One searches in vain for satirical genius in the latest front page of Charlie Hebdo, obscene and insulting, which, on May 17, in favor of the presidential election in Turkey, sank into the zero level of cartooning.

“Like Cloclo, only fate will get rid of it. The highlighted teaser sets the offensive tone of the caricature which, as a decisive second round approaches on May 28, which President Erdogan approaches first, represents him naked in a bathtub, in the process of get electrocuted while changing a light bulb. A sinister reference to singer Claude François, who died in the same tragic circumstances on March 11, 1978.

On the other side of the Bosphorus, the art of Charlie Hebdo-style satire didn’t make anyone laugh. On the contrary, it aroused a strong wave of indignation which has still not died down.

Outraged, Turkey, by the voice of the spokesperson for the presidency Ibrahim Kalin, castigated this ” tea towel “, while mocking:” if the newspaper has gone so crazy, it’s because Turkey is on the right track. Evil is sometimes like that, it guides the good “. And to drive the point home, not without a bit of acerbic irony: “Don’t worry Charlie Hebdo. Our nation will give you the best answer, with a louder voice, on May 28”.

Outraged, the director of communication of the Turkish Presidency, Fahrettin Altun, for his part, crushed the French magazine: “ One of the biggest centers of provocation, insults and blasphemy in the global media, the horrid Charlie Hebdo publication has once again proven to the world just how disgusting it is, with its latest immoral caricature of our President “.

Below is the tweet from Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Turkish Foreign Minister: “The inhuman and ignoble Charlie Hebdo continues to insult the Turkish nation. Do not forget ! Those who praise evil always drown in their own hatred and stupidity. The real lesson is that those who cannot defeat the free will of the Turkish nation at play are desperately relying on fate.”