Ramy Abu Tayyem, the little boy from Gaza who protects the Koran from the destructive Zionist fury

Ramy Abu Tayyem, the little boy from Gaza who protects the Koran from the destructive Zionist fury

In the south of the Gaza Strip, in the middle of the immense field of ruins that has become the martyr city of Khan Younis, where the exhumation of at least 300 bodies from the mass grave discovered within the Nasser hospital adds from the monstrosity to the indescribable horror of the genocide perpetrated by Israel, the vision of a child picking up sheets of the Koran seems unreal.

While everything around him is desolation, chaos, misfortune, rivers of tears and blood, brave little Ramy Abu Tayyem tackles daily an essential task in his eyes: preserving the Holy Quran from the destructive, desecrating fury of ” Zionist invaders “.

The prospect of leaving the scattered leaves of the Book of our Lord » disappearing, decomposing, under the rubble of one of the many mosques that Israeli bombs destroyed, was so unbearable for him that he decided to act.

Overcoming the infinite sadness of wandering around an inviolable Muslim enclosure of which nothing remains, the very touching little Palestinian boy works tirelessly every day to search for and gather together the pages of the Sacred Book that Zionist barbarity has violently scattered and torn out. , torn.

Asked about the very laudable mission he assigned himself and which was unanimously praised on social networks, young Ramy, admirable in his courage and devotion, replied: “I collect the pages of the Quran, the book of our Lord, and put them in a bag so that the Zionist invaders will not tear them up and throw them out on planes.”

For the many Internet users who watched, shocked, the images from Al Jazeera showing him in his desperate quest to protect and save the Noble Quran from savage Israeli reprisals, this little boy from Gaza is the beautiful incarnation of Palestinian youth driven by unfailing faith in God.