Germany: Noussair Mazraoui, the Bayern player, in turmoil for showing his support for the Palestinians

Germany: Noussair Mazraoui, the Bayern player, in turmoil for showing his support for the Palestinians

More than a week after the flood of Al-Aqsa fell on Israel, on the other side of the Rhine, a Moroccan international footballer finds himself trapped in a violent political and media turmoil…

Orchestrated and exacerbated by the newspaper Bild, this powerful storm which strikes Noussair Mazraoui, the Bayern Munich player, seeks to muzzle him by exhausting him, by demonizing him.

In the space of a few days and through several scathing articles, he has just learned the hard way what it costs to display his unconditional support for the Palestinians in a Europe that is ostensibly pro-Israeli in all circumstances. Even when Netanyahu’s ultra-Zionist government reaches a new level of horror, even when a genocidal massacre is committed in full view of everyone, and in particular under his complicit eyes, in the martyred enclave of Gaza.

Dedicated to vilification for having published a verse from the Koran, then a video (since deleted) on social networks, through which he condemned the atrocity of reprisals against Gaza committed by the “unjust”, and showed all his support to his oppressed brothers in Palestine », while praying “for their victory” with an emoji of folded hands and the word “Amine”, the Moroccan player from Bayern has since come under heavy fire from harsh criticism.

And of course, he will not have escaped the serious accusations of anti-Semitism and of advocating terrorism which brand all those who dare to denounce the war crimes of the Israeli apartheid state.

Thus, the Bild wrote in a pen dipped in vitriol: “If Mazraoui refuses to distance himself convincingly, he will no longer be able to play in the league. Then there must be consequences from FC Bayern, whose Jewish president Kurt Landauer, had to flee the Nazis. Footballers do not necessarily have to be saints, but they are role models for children and young people. Whether they like it or not. A supporter of terrorism can never be a role model.”

It’s difficult to remain stoic in the face of the violent storm that is sweeping over him, carrying in its whirlwinds the worst slanders, especially since it could completely drive him out of Germany! Indeed, just this morning, the fulminating MP Johannes Steiniger has called for the outright expulsion of the Atlas Lion.

But Noussair Mazraoui faces the storm upright, and defends himself in the face of adversity and censorship with rare ferocity. They are trying to silence us. It’s literally us against the WORLD! “, he was indignant on the Web, before driving the point home: “Today is not about what I think or what you think, innocent people are being killed every day by this terrible conflict that has spiraled out of control. We must all oppose it. This is simply inhumane. Finally, I would like to clarify that I never intended to offend or harm anyone, consciously or unconsciously.” Or how to beautifully tackle the ambient pro-Israeli unanimity.