Hisham Barzeq, the Palestinian who restores copies of the Quran in Gaza for free

Hisham Barzeq, the Palestinian who restores copies of the Quran in Gaza for free

In Gaza, reclusive in a room of a mosque that has become his small workshop, a 68-year-old Palestinian is totally absorbed in a noble task, which he has been carrying out, for more than a month, with extreme meticulousness.

Every day that God makes, Hisham Barzeq, equipped with special glues, cardboard bindings and other cheap materials, frees himself from the cruel yoke of Israeli oppression, applying himself to voluntarily restoring old or damaged copies of the Book Holy.

As he confided to shehabnews, if he puts his heart into the work to give a second life to used copies of the Koran, it is to avoid his co-religionists having to pay prohibitive restoration costs. After having faced it himself, he decided to give free rein to his manual talent to circumvent this pitfall, and thereby accomplish a good deed appreciated by God.

I then looked for a way to restore myself, voluntarily, the many copies of the Koran that needed to be. I also undertook to do this to earn God’s reward “, highlighted Hisham Barzeq,warmly thanking its generous patron: one of the benevolent members of the mosque in Gaza who willingly bears the costs of purchasing the necessary materials.

In the largest open-air prison in the world, this sixty-year-old Palestinian has never felt so free as when he locks himself in his studio, inside a sacred Muslim enclosure, to carry out a real work of goldsmith whom only the divine Light illuminates.

In his own way, he made his own the beautiful phrase of the late Mahmoud Ebrahim Salameh, the illustrious Egyptian calligrapher who devoted his entire life to sublimating the Holy Quran: “Writing the Koran is a form of prayer and an action appreciated by God, if the intention is pure”.