Hussein Al-Missaoui, the dean of Tunisia, celebrated his 119th birthday!

Hussein Al-Missaoui, the dean of Tunisia, celebrated his 119th birthday!

In Kasserine, to the west of the large port city of Sfax, a very old man, on whom time has miraculously had no hold, has just celebrated his birthday.

This great elder from Tunisia, whose 100 candles have long since expired, no longer knows how old he is and no longer counts the passing years. It must be said that on May 17, he reached the canonical age of… 119 years!

Always on the right foot, the endearing Hussein Al-Missaoui is a real force of nature who impresses and moves at the same time. He crossed the 20th century and its violent tumults, to enter the 21st century standing, even if his legs now give way under him.

A month and a half ago my movements have decreased, I can’t walk anymore, my wife is still healthy and she helps me move “, he recently confided to the Tunisian media who came to meet him. Just like the doctor who examined him, they had come to take the (good) pulse of this true national glory.

The dean of Tunisia, with a handsome face that no furrow digs, spent most of his life in the mountains, so dear to his heart, which surround his native region. It was there that he valiantly took part in the struggle for the independence of his country.

Hussein Al-Missaoui, who continues to eat couscous with appetite and play the tambourine, does he hold the secret to longevity? In any case, he could legitimately run for another title: that of the oldest man in the world.