Immediate ceasefire in Gaza!  The urgent resolution finally adopted by the UN Security Council

Immediate ceasefire in Gaza! The urgent resolution finally adopted by the UN Security Council

It took more than 32,000 dead and more than 10,000 missing under the rubble, including 70% women and children, two million people forcibly displaced, the Gaza Strip in ruins, the population subjected to famine and deprived of care , It took almost 6 months of absolute horror for the United States to finally no longer veto this ceasefire awaited with so much hope by a population that can no longer take it.

“This endless nightmare must end”, declared Antonio Guterrez two days ago, at the Rafah gate. Note that the United States has not yet decided to stop arming Israel, which is pure hypocrisy.

The resolution requires a immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadanrespected by all parties, leading to a lasting ceasefire: the requirement is indeed that of a lasting ceasefire.

The resolution also demands the immediate and unconditional release of the hostages and

calls on both parties to respect their obligations towards the people they detain. This concerns the hostages but obviously the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners detained in violation of all the rules of international law and victims of extremely serious abuses for which Israel will have to account.

Israel's response was not long in coming: “We will not stop firing!” “, immediately declared the Israeli Foreign Minister. Not hiding his anger, Netanyahu canceled a delegation that was to travel to the United States to discuss the ground operation in Rafah.

Land operation clearly still on the agenda: Israel is stuck in its logic of genocide and ethnic cleansing and still does not intend to respect its obligations. Israel continues to bombard the civilian population throughout the Gaza Strip, killing dozens hour after hour.

Hamas, for its part, issued a statement welcoming the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution, saying it “is ready to carry out immediate exchanges of prisoners on both sides.”

This resolution must now be translated into action. The resolutions of the UN Security Council are binding, States must apply them, Israel is not exempt. Yet he continues to provoke his “friends” and violate the law as we saw on March 22 with the confiscation of 800 hectares of Palestinian land in the Jordan Valley.

Everyone knows that without constraint, Israel will not respect this resolution, any more than the previous ones. States must take action! Diplomatic, military and economic embargo, suspension of the association agreement between the European Union and Israel. The sanctions are now! It is also high time to enforce the law by banning colony products from our stores!

We invite France and the countries of the European Union to respond to the call of the Colombian president, who invites the nations of the world to break diplomatic relations with Israel if it does not respect the ceasefire demanded by the United Nations Security Council.

Israel having announced that not only would it not apply the resolution, but that it would continue the genocide in Gaza, France must summon the Israeli ambassador and recall its ambassador currently stationed in Israel.

The National Office of the AFPS,
March 26, 2024