Islamophobic ultra-right group AFO targeted imams and Muslims

Islamophobic ultra-right group AFO targeted imams and Muslims

The National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office has requested the dismissal of sixteen members of Action des forces Opérationales (AFO) before the criminal court for “terrorist criminal association”. Among these twelve men and three women, several former soldiers and a diplomat.

They were afraid of “great replacement” and some ” civil war “ to come in the event of a new jihadist attack, so they decided to take the lead by planning to kill Salafist imams, poison halal food or throw explosives at random into the vehicles of Muslim families.

In his final indictment, revealed by Agence France-Presse and to which The world had access, the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office requested, on May 30, the reclassification and referral to the criminal court – and not the assizes, as initially envisaged – of fifteen people (twelve men and three women) alleged members of the ultra-right group Action des forces Opérationales (AFO) for “terrorist association of criminals”. A sixteenth individual is being prosecuted solely for weapons law offences. In terms of the number of incriminated persons, the AFO file is the most important ultra-right file to date presented to the courts.

At the origin of AFO, there is Volontaires pour la France (VPF), a very official association, founded under the aegis of General Antoine Martinez and the politician Yvan Blot, former MEP for the National Front, to “combat the Islamization of the country and the confiscation of popular power” following the 2015 attacks

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