Mahinur Ozdemir Goktas, the new Turkish Minister for the Family, lambasted by the European far right

Mahinur Ozdemir Goktas, the new Turkish Minister for the Family, lambasted by the European far right

Only woman in the revamped government that the president recently formed Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who emerged as the big winner at the polls for the third time, Mahinur Ozdemir Goktas, 40, made his grand entrance into Turkey’s political history. She was, in fact, promoted to the high office of Minister, in charge of the Family.

It is an understatement to say that the announcement of the appointment of the one who, born in Belgium, was the first veiled parliamentarian in Europe in 2009, under the colors of the Humanist Party, and until then held the post of ambassador to Algeria , has created violent turmoil on the other side of the Bosphorus, particularly in the overexcited ranks of the European far right.

Far from seeing in her the incarnation of the feminization of the exercise of power in Ankara, a number of politicians, all on the right, hastened to grab her hijab like a scarecrow, condemning the new Turkish Minister for the Family and of Social Services.

No sooner had she taken the oath on June 3 than Mahinur Ozdemir Goktas was already attracting the wrath of the eternal lecturers, full of arrogance, who sit in Strasbourg, including Assita Kanko, the leader of the far-right party New Flemish Alliance, was the first to fire on her with red balls.

Her victory reinforces the subjugation of women based on Islamic values “, vituperated the latter, before referring to her previous life as a politician in Belgium to better castigate her. “ At that time, she did nothing but promote the headscarf and deny the Armenian Genocide during the 10 years she was in the Brussels parliament. “.

And to continue: Now she can further promote her misogynistic ideas, but in Erdogan’s Turkey. I think she is at least coherent “.

Mahinur Ozdemir Goktas did not find favor either in the eyes of Killian Etienne, a French lawyer and Human rights activist, who strongly criticized what his entry into the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan symbolizes. It goes without saying that he does not detect any progress for women’s rights… “It is the result of an exaggerated tolerance towards the granting of dual nationality to immigrants of other origins as well as similar rights “, he stormed on Twitter.

By demonizing the one and only woman in the Turkish government, and by persisting in discrediting the beautiful trajectory of Mahinur Ozdemir Goktas, because of a veil that he cannot see, the Old Continent is above all making the distressing demonstration of its capitulation to its old demons, fiercely nationalist and viscerally Islamophobic.