Majestic Windsor Castle hosts the first iftar in its rich history

Majestic Windsor Castle hosts the first iftar in its rich history

Under the impassive but benevolent gaze of the soldiers of the prestigious Royal Guard, the emblematic Windsor Castle, the oldest royal palace in Europe, provided an enchanting setting for the very first iftar in its long and rich history.

From the top of this majestic Gothic fortress, nestled in the heart of Berskire, over 900 years looked down on the many British guests, Muslim and non-Muslim, who had the privilege of crossing its threshold to take part in a memorable Ramadan fast-breaking meal .

Under the supervision of Omar Salha, the founder of the Ramadan Tent Project, and in partnership with the Royal Collection Trust, a great excitement reigned throughout an exceptional weekend, where large joyful and gourmet tables were set in one of the most prestigious venues in the kingdom.

By opening its doors wide to an interfaith iftar which has already made a mark, promoting heritage and “so British” tradition, while advocating living together, Windsor Castle has made many people happy, and particularly those who have been both the soul and the great artisan: Omar Salha.

Visiting the majestic Windsor Gardens was an unforgettable experience, followed by an #iftar showcasing heritage, tradition and unity”he rejoiced on social networks.