Mecca: Pakistani cricket star's humble and brotherly gesture won hearts

Mecca: Pakistani cricket star’s humble and brotherly gesture won hearts

When one has the happiness of treading the Holy Land in order to perform the Hajj, apart from the infinite devotion to Allah and the unspeakable emotion that he is difficult to restrain, everything is left in the cloakroom: the external signs of wealth such as titles to glory, the clothes of light such as the jerseys of sporting exploits, in favor of the Ihram of immaculate whiteness, in which the pilgrims drape themselves with humility to enter into a state of sacralization and become one.

Like Mohammad Rizwan, the Pakistani cricket star, we even go so far as to willingly swap his hitting bat for the broom of the cleaners of the first holy place of Islam, the prestigious mosque Al-Haram.

Caught on the spot on the vast esplanade of the Great Mosque of Mecca, the fraternal gesture of the Pakistani star cricketer, accomplished with rare kindness and true modesty, won hearts.

His spontaneous outpouring of compassion towards the rankless, the little ones, the obscure people of the Saudi kingdom who, daily and with redoubled ardor during the Hajj, track down the dust to preserve the high sacred places of Islam in their absolute purity, has profoundly affected the cybersphere.

It translates into a simple, but strong act, the beautiful spirit of unity, brotherhood and empathy which reigns during the unique experience of Hajj and upset, in its time, a mythical character passed down to posterity: the black leader Malcolm X who wrote with emotion in April 1964, during his first and final pilgrimage to Mecca:

Never have I experienced such sincere hospitality or such overwhelming fraternity as that of the men and women of all races gathered in this ancient Holy Land, homeland of Abraham, Mohamed and the other prophets of the Holy Scriptures. Throughout the week that has just passed, I have been both amazed and charmed by the kindness and kindness displayed around me by people of all colors..”

Another video showing Mohammad Rizwan performing the ritual of Tawaf (or circumambulation) around the holy Kaaba has also gone viral.