Moscow attack: Islam Khalikov, a young Russian made a national hero, after saving more than 100 people

Moscow attack: Islam Khalikov, a young Russian made a national hero, after saving more than 100 people

To be named Islam, to be only 15 years old and to be hailed as a hero by a Russia in shock, which mourns its dead, after having been struck in the heart by a bloody terrorist attack whose paternity attributed to the Islamic State seems a a little too sewn with white thread, not to say completely refuted by Putin himself, it is striking in every way!

It is on this dizzying pedestal that a young Russian of Muslim faith, whose beautiful humility is matched only by his extraordinary bravery, was hoisted, despite himself, by a rave Moscow press.

Islam, the teenager whose first name and face are now etched in the memories of a painfully bruised Russia, worked part-time in the concert hall's changing rooms Crocus City Hall where the unthinkable tragedy occurred last Friday evening in the suburbs of Moscow, killing more than 140 innocent victims and injuring more than 150 others.

As soon as the first shots rang out, the young boy, listening only to his courage, rushed to the aid of the stunned and terrified spectators, opening wide the doors of an emergency exit to allow them to escape. escaping certain death. More than 100 people owe their lives to him, according to the admiring and grateful Russian authorities.

At the microphone of the channel Russia Todaythe very endearing Islam, doubly shaken both by the horrible tragedy he experienced and by his new status as national hero, explained with remarkable modesty that he simply followed the instructions given to him by shopping center managers.

A very Muslim modesty which honors him and has only intensified the enthusiasm which now surrounds him in Russia, in real life and the virtual agora of social networks. A football fan, Islam was honored by his favorite club, SpartakMoscow, and was awarded a medal of merit by the Mufti of Moscow. He should soon receive a distinguished distinction from the highest Russian authorities.

In addition, many of his co-religionists underline how his heroic rescue, at such a young age, highlights the true essence of Islam, at a time when the Western temptation to demonize Muslims resurfaces, in the disastrous wake of the barbaric attack which heavily mourned Moscow.

The candid video, showing the heroic rescue accomplished by young Islam, went viral: