Oman unveils monument to legendary Chinese Muslim Admiral Zheng He

Oman unveils monument to legendary Chinese Muslim Admiral Zheng He

It is on the base of a monument with a strong symbolic charge, anchored in Dhofar, that the Sultanate of Oman cemented, this Wednesday, May 31, 2023, its diplomatic relations with China.

Relationships with the beautiful fixed which, on the occasion of the celebration of their 45th anniversary, were consolidated by the unveiling of an imposing sculpture, created in honor of a great explorer whose maritime epic passed to the posterity: Mahmoud Shams oud-Din Zheng He, the illustrious Chinese Muslim Admiral of the 15th century (1371-1433).

10 meters high, the monument erected in memory of this legendary navigator, who left Asia and prostrated himself before Allah, some historians who agree that he landed on the American coasts before Christopher Columbus, in 1421, represents the most prestigious of the ships in its immense fleet. A ship so vast, with sails proudly inflated by the wind, that when it sailed the seas, especially on the Silk Road, it eclipsed all other European ships of the time.

Zheng He

According to Middle East Monitor, this magnificent monument, which is the result of the close collaboration between the Chinese Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman, is the work of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design. Its development required the use of 3D printing technology.

Zheng He’s travels in the Western Ocean fostered friendly exchanges between ancient China and countries along the Indian Ocean coast. These trips facilitated economic, commercial and cultural ties between China and these nations. said Li Lingping, China’s happy ambassador to Oman, at a grand opening ceremony.

In unison, Khalid Bin Salim Al-Saeedi, President of the Oman-China Friendship Association, welcomed during his speech that “thehe long-standing and uninterrupted exchanges between the civilizations of Oman and China continue today,” and that they tighten around the “joint commitments made in favor of the development of bilateral relations in various fields “.