Tariq Ramadan trial in Switzerland: the Islamologist acquitted for the benefit of the doubt

Tariq Ramadan trial in Switzerland: the Islamologist acquitted for the benefit of the doubt

Accused of rape and sexual coercion by a Swiss complainant, better known by the nickname “Brigitte”, Tariq Ramadan, the fallen Geneva Islamologist, has every reason to rejoice, on this Wednesday, May 24 placed under happy auspices. judicial.

A week after appearing before the Geneva Criminal Court, the Muslim preacher’s well-conducted trial had its epilogue. And it was a verdict in his favor that fell: the judges, unable to form an intimate conviction – they noted certain inconsistencies in the testimony of his accuser, yet deemed detailed – decided to acquit him for the benefit of doubt . let’s remember that three years in prison, including 18 months suspended, had been requested against him.

This sentence was explained in a press release, which essentially stated: if the court agrees that the ” complainant’s account was generally consistent and detailed “, he points however “ some contradictions “. ” No material evidence, such as traces of semen or blood, hotel CCTV footage or evidence of traumatic injuries could not prove the defendant’s guilt, the court also believes.

“There is no doubt that the complainant had a bad experience of the evening”underlined the president of the court, but “the existence of this stress”which has been reported to psychiatrists, “does not confirm the materiality of the facts denounced”.

When the verdict was announced, the plaintiff “Brigitte”, 57, hastily left the courtroom, making known through her lawyers her firm will not to stop there. She will call. “She stood up because she was shocked not to have been heard”explained Me Assaël.

On the side of Tariq Ramadan, relief prevailed. He left the court surrounded by his family, without commenting. ” This verdict is neither a whim nor a crush, it is a verdict inspired by reason., said his Swiss lawyer, Me Yaël Hayat. The Geneva Islamologist will also receive approximately 151,000 Swiss francs (approximately 154,400 euros) in compensation from the State of Geneva, to compensate for his legal fees in connection with the Swiss procedure.

While the Swiss judicial page is definitely turning to Tariq Ramadan, a new one is likely to open soon in France, perhaps at the Assises, as required by the Paris prosecutor’s office in July 2022, where no less than four women theaccuse of rape, between 2009 and 2016.