The birth of a new Nation-State, or the extraordinary rebirth of the Kingdom of Kush

The birth of a new Nation-State, or the extraordinary rebirth of the Kingdom of Kush

In the midst of a tumultuous 21st century, the rebirth of an ancient kingdom in the sands of the desert where it remained buried for a long time, having as keystones the essential humanist values ​​of Peace, Justice and Equity, is worthy of the most fabulous fairy tale…

Far from the paths of deadly war, the tortuous routes of exodus and the horrors of a voracious globalization, the lost Kingdom of the black Pharaohs is reborn today from its ashes on the Territory of Bir Tawil, between Egypt and Sudan. This territory with the air of “no man’s land”, which no country has ever coveted, apart from the archaeologists who tirelessly explore its basements, bears the evocative name of “Terra Nullius”.

Centuries after its disappearance, the extraordinary resurrection of the Nubian Kingdom of Kush, cradle of a flamboyant civilization, of which Meroe was once the radiant capital, gives rise, in this third millennium source of cruel disenchantments, to a miraculous birth: that of a new Nation-State, the aptly named Kingdom of Kush.

To the kingdom of which Her Majesty is a queen already enthroned, in the person of Queen Mother Delois Blakely, a senior religious American, panafricanistwriter and ambassador of good will within the United Nations for Africa, the hope of building a better, resolutely democratic, peaceful and inclusive world is not a sweet utopia. It shines through the darkness of modern times… (see video below)

Queen Mother Delois Blakely, left, received at the United Nations

To the kingdom which, to draw its roots in a very distant past and ancestral cultures which flourished in the south of Sudan current and in the Nubia Egypt, is no less futuristic, education, health, agriculture, new technologies and relations with neighboring countries, but also beyond, will be priority areas of development.

On June 1, 2023, in New York, during the second annual Permanent Forum of Peoples of African Descent, in the presence of a large audience from all over the world, the marvelous Kingdom of Kush, which intrigues and captivates at the same time, obtained an important mark of recognition : that of the United Nations.

On this occasion, his queen, Queen Mother Delois Blakely, under the authority of the Constituent Assembly, has officially proclaimed its advent.

Signatory to all UN conventions and fully adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the sovereign nation of Kush wants to be first and foremost a land of welcome for some 1.6 million people of African descent from the five continents, but not only… It will also open its doors more widely, to all citizens of the world without distinction.

Once upon a time there was a fascinating desert kingdom which, in the heart of the 21st century, was unearthed from time immemorial to better project itself into the future, nourishing beautiful and noble aspirations both for the African Continent and the rest of the world.

We can only wish him long life, as well as his queen, and the key players in his future government.

The futuristic Kingdom of Kush