The Nakba continues: Stop the genocide in Gaza!  Stop ethnic cleansing in the occupied West Bank!

The Nakba continues: Stop the genocide in Gaza! Stop ethnic cleansing in the occupied West Bank!

Call from the National Collective for a just and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis

The Nakba continues: Stop the genocide in Gaza! Stop ethnic cleansing in the occupied West Bank!

For Palestinians, the Nakba – the catastrophe – refers to the massacres, expulsions and exodus suffered between 1947 and 1949 which preceded and accompanied the proclamation of the State of Israel.

On November 29, 1947, through the vote on Resolution 181, the UN recommended the partition plan which granted 56% of Palestine to a Jewish state and 43% to an Arab state, and provided for an international status for Jerusalem.

But 80% of the Palestinian Arab population will be expelled in the fall of 1947. Half will be expelled before May 15, 1948. In total between 1947 and 1949, 531 Palestinian villages and 11 neighborhoods of Palestinian towns will be destroyed or razed, around 800,000 Palestinians will be expelled to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Gaza, the West Bank and will become refugees.

Added to the expulsions are confiscation and appropriation of property, occupation of land and freezing of Palestinian bank assets.

For 76 years, the State of Israel has ignored human rights, international law and the commitment of its founders, upon Israel's admission to the UN in 1949, to respect all resolutions. .

For 76 years, the lives of all generations of Palestinians have been characterized by injustice and discrimination. Forced exile for refugees; second-class citizenship in Israel, discriminatory laws, mass imprisonments, forced displacements, violence of the occupation and colonization in the West Bank, in East Jerusalem and the blockade and then the massacre of the population in Gaza. Israel appropriates part of Palestinian culture: archaeology, places of worship and suppresses what testifies to the history and existence of the Palestinian people as such.

The Nakba continues: A genocide has been underway in Gaza for 7 months, leaving more than 35,000 dead and 78,000 injured. The Israeli army bombs and carries out a ground offensive on Rafah, wants to once again displace an entire population who have taken refuge there. The Palestinian population faces an apartheid regime, ethnic cleansing in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The continuation of these permanent violations of human rights and international law, despite the condemnations of the international community, has a simple cause: the impunity that Israel has enjoyed for 76 years. This must stop!

The Palestinian people, stand their ground, hold on.
We support the struggle of the Palestinian people for their freedom, their self-determination.

We require that :
An immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza
– The end of colonization and occupation
– The application of the right of return of refugees
– Unilateral recognition by France of the State of Palestine within the framework of the Palestinian people's right to self-determination.

Israel must respect international law. It is high time to put words into action.
We ask :
The immediate cessation of all military cooperation with Israel and all arms deliveries,
– Sanctions, including the suspension of the association agreement between the European Union and Israel,
– Strong diplomatic gestures, including the summoning and/or recall of ambassadors,
– Questioning the cooperation of French universities with Israeli universities, particularly those which cooperate with the Israeli military industry or which are established in the colonies.

We call to demonstrate, to gather everywhere in France on the basis of this call. In Paris, we are calling for a demonstration on Saturday May 18, at 2 p.m., Place de la République.

Members of the National Collective for a Just and Lasting Peace between Palestinians and Israelis signatories:

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