The specter of famine now haunts thousands of displaced families

The specter of famine now haunts thousands of displaced families

The Palestine Media Agency received this testimony from Abu Sami, which we relay below.

By Abu Amir

The latest developments on the situation in the Gaza Strip. The situation in the Gaza Strip has become dire with a lack of food stocks, medicine and fuel, and people have started cutting down trees to cook what they can find in the markets. There are many appeals from families to UNRWA that their children are starving and have no necessities of life.

The thefts have spread to the regions, and people attacked UNRWA warehouses two days ago and seized flour stock due to extreme hunger. The specter of famine now haunts thousands of displaced families, as well as the families who welcomed the displaced.

There is a widespread spread of skin diseases due to lack of hygiene and lack of water for bathing and drinking, and the population can no longer keep up with the crazy prices imposed by traders for the few products available on the market. the steps.

Regarding the war conditions, last night was very hot in all areas, especially west of Nuseirat and Madinat Al-Zahra, and no one could sleep due to the intensity of the bombing and Houses shook as if an earthquake was constantly moving, and there were screams of women and children accompanying the sound of explosions out of intense fear.

The occupation also began to repeat the scenario it carried out in northern Gaza and Gaza City, which consisted of bombing refugees taking shelter within the walls of hospitals. Yesterday, the occupation bombed refugees sheltering around the walls of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the city of Deir Al-Balah, resulting in a number of martyrs and injuries.

The death toll in the last 24 hours was around 350, according to Health Ministry statistics, and families fleeing their homes due to the intensity of the bombing are forced to raise white flags to leave their areas safely, but the occupation soldiers separate the women and children from the men and let the women pass while they take the men away to be executed, and so on…

The occupation and its supporters have violated all international conventions and humanitarian values.

Palestine Media Agency