The true meaning of Ramadan

The true meaning of Ramadan

The six million Muslims living in France fast in unison with a billion others around the world. This evening, at the mosque, there are more people than usual. There are only about ten minutes left before the call to prayer.

The excitement begins. People enter the prayer room and take their seats. They wait. An atmosphere of peace and generosity also sets in. Generosity in the smile and in the gestures. It's relaxation. The faithful, like me, experience the magic that surrounds this month of Ramadan.

The call to prayer rings out. The ranks form and close, always in a linear manner. The faithful are busy and those who are still performing their ablutions hurry so as not to miss a moment. I come forward, I take my place, I settle down and the prayer begins. Silence also takes its place and the soft and soothing voice of the imam rocks the hearts of each and every one; a voice with a bewitching, dramatic, magical, intimate sound, a sound that has spanned the centuries.

It is time for resistance, perseverance, effort, struggle, to be more of a man, to be more of a woman. This resistance puts you face to face with your limits, those of your humanity, those of your body; this resistance shows you your strength, that of your heart and your mind. It's up to everyone to know how to grasp and use it. The prayers continue and the more they follow one another, the closer we feel to something, to ourselves no doubt… We know ourselves better and we intensify this feeling to be better, that's all. This is the true meaning of Ramadan: to become better during this month and stay that way, because we always come out with more strength.

I pray and I see everything: present, past, near future. Who am I ? My body is there, my mind sometimes wanders and my heart prays for a sign. This sign has come and it accompanies me. A violent and painful sign but one that shows me the path to redemption. I pray for this sign. You open a door and it's total darkness.

Sometimes you open another door and a path lights up. Follow him. It is the path to well-being, sincerity and love. Resist lies, betrayal and whatever people think. I am also one of the people. I can judge, have a prejudice, distrust, doubt but don't worry about what I think. Being always ends up encountering the truth. We fight to never judge.

Tell the truth, always, no matter the price to pay. The main thing is to be at peace with yourself. The things buried deep inside must come out and free you. It's necessary. I had a sign. I pray for this sign. I pray for you, always, until the end, until death… Hell on earth is worth living, if happiness for eternity is at the end. T

to face everything to free oneself, to be true to touch coherence and to be sincere to live love, the true one, the one which does not kill, the one which does not distort, the one which does not destroy. I wanted a sign. I had a sign, violent and painful. I pray for this sign, I pray for you, until the end…to find you again In Sha Allah, in Eternity.