United States: Amazon creates its first corporate hijab to promote the inclusion of Muslim women

United States: Amazon creates its first corporate hijab to promote the inclusion of Muslim women

While the witch hunt against veiled women knows no truce in France, ignoring that of confectioners like that of summer transhumance, on the other side of the Atlantic, the juggernaut of e-commerce took advantage of the summer to give a beautiful and great lesson of tolerance to the world.

A luminous lesson that sends back to the land of the Enlightenment the pale reflection of its state Islamophobia, which it uses and abuses until it irretrievably loses its splendour…

Far from the darkness in which France is sinking inexorably, Amazon is bringing the soft glow of inclusion to the skies of Brooklyn Park, by providing, for the first time in its exceptional success story, custom-designed hijabs to its Muslim employees. And not just any, since they carry the Henna and Hijabs label, a guarantee of ethics and quality.

Thanks to the partnership with Amazon, Henna and Hijabs is committed to bridging the accessibility gap that Muslim women often encounter in different spaces “, rejoiced its founder and designer Hilal Ibrahim. (picture above)

Delighted to be one of the first Amazon employees to have the privilege of wearing the corporate hijab, the first of its kind prelude to the creation of others that will soon be available in all of its overseas sites. Atlantic, Ryan Mohamad, oscillating between laughter and tears, proudly displayed it in front of the media. ” I don’t have words strong enough to express the joy I feel, I am so happy and grateful to the leaders of Amazon and all the efforts they have made in favor of our integration into the world of work “, she confided.

This first to be marked with a white stone, which brought joy to the hearts of the workshops of the SMN1 factory, the pioneering factory of the world leader in online commerce, materialized in the middle of a summer in warm scents and full of promise, in the State of Minnesota.