United States: Rashid Sulehri, the Muslim restaurant owner who offers halal and kosher menus

United States: Rashid Sulehri, the Muslim restaurant owner who offers halal and kosher menus

They have in common to conform to their respective religious laws, halal and kosher go well together on the island of Long Island, in the State of New York… Thanks to whom? To a Muslim restaurateur who not only sees no contradiction in them, but has the art of making them coexist harmoniously.

Always convinced that cooking and its good scents nourish social ties, and that many barriers can fall around tempting tables, Rashid Sulehri has brought his personal touch to a delicious recipe: that of living well together.

After having acquired, in April 2019, the only kosher restaurant in Westhampton Beach which had just lowered the curtain, this bridge builder in white toque felt invested with a high culinary mission: to create a subtle marriage of flavors.

He has thus concocted two halal and kosher menus in order to delight all taste buds, and to bring Muslims and Jews together in his establishment open to all.

It’s a dream come true! enthuses Rashid Sulehri, the new owner of the Beach Bakery & Grand Café. Overwhelmed by the success of his initiative, this passionate cook can only be delighted that the mayonnaise took on so quickly…

” The sons of Abraham can sit under one roof. By coming to my restaurant, they have the opportunity to see all that brings them together and how much they have in common, instead of staying away from each other and wondering how different they are from each other. others “, he insisted with great insight.

If he is not stingy with epithets to promote the benefits of his establishment, Rashid Sulehri remains humbled by the praise showered on him by the Jewish community of Long Island.

This is a great initiative that I welcome all the more since it comes from a Muslim restaurateur! It was extremely important that we could continue to have a kosher place, and it is now done thanks to Rashid Sulehri “Compliments the very grateful Chavie Khan, who was one of the loyal customers of the kosher restaurant.

It is a fine example of cooperation and coexistence between religions », Congratulates him for his part Rabbi Marc Schneier, who now has his table reserved at Rashid Sulehri. ” It took a dedicated Muslim citizen to save our kosher restaurant. What a strong and laudable gesture!” added the latter not without emotion.

In Westhampton Beach, in Rashid Sulehri’s halal and kosher restaurant, the last celebration of Eid al-Fitr gave rise to unprecedented celebrations. Placed under the sign of brotherhood between Muslims and Jews, they resounded with animated conversations and bursts of laughter, which brought joy, but also deeply touched, the Muslim owner of the place.