A Palestinian, humiliated and beaten by the Israeli police, branded with a hot iron: the Star of David on the cheek!

A Palestinian, humiliated and beaten by the Israeli police, branded with a hot iron: the Star of David on the cheek!

Unleashed, the Israeli police made, Wednesday August 16, a sensational irruption in the refugee camp of Shuafat, in Jerusalem.

To the sound of boots that shook the pavement and trampled on the fundamental rights of a young Palestinian, a pack of 16 agents of the security forces of the occupation humiliated and beat him, before handcuffing him, blindfolded. In a refinement of cruelty, they marked him with the worst red irons: they engraved a Star of David on his cheek.

The mark was still visible on his face during the remand hearing. My client was punched all over his body, then the police covered his face with a cloth, before printing a Star of David on his cheek “, was indignant the victim’s lawyer, the official clerk Vadim Shubainsi, as reported by the Europalestine site.

After specifying that 16 police officers, sure of their impunity, took part in this arrest of incredible violence, the Israeli site Ynet revealed that none of their body cameras were in working order at the time of the facts. Hey, how curious!!

Last Thursday, the young Palestinian’s lawyer presented the charges in a Jerusalem District Court. His client – ​​who was later released – claimed that the police punched him several times “ all over his body and covered his face with a cloth “, before marking his cheek with a star of David.

This is a very serious case of violence and humiliation of a detainee by police officers. The Public Advocate’s Office takes the matter very seriously and expects immediate handling from the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police. “, hammered Vadim Shub, the court-appointed lawyer of the district of Jerusalem, always according to Ynet.

It should be noted that this inglorious feat of arms, whose authors from the ranks of the Israeli soldiery deny the savagery, scandalized one of their own, in the person of the Israeli judge Amir Shaked. He would have said to himself, horrified by police conduct ,” reported The Times of Israel.

Translation of the tweet below:“Israeli police beat a Palestinian resident of the Shuafat refugee camp, covered his face, tied him up, punched him and put a Star of David on his face. Sixteen police officers with sixteen body cameras – none of them worked. A Palestinian with a Star of David tattoo. I’m sick of it.”