Algeria celebrated the 61st anniversary of Independence and Youth Day

Algeria celebrated the 61st anniversary of Independence and Youth Day

On the occasion of the commemoration of Algerian Independence, we invite you to discover the images of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune in the process of meditating yesterday, Wednesday July 5, at the Martyrs’ Sanctuary (Algiers) in memory of the martyrs of the Glorious Revolution of November 1, 1954. The Algerian Head of State laid a wreath of flowers in front of the commemorative stele, then recited the Fatiha of the Holy Koran in memory of the chouhada of the National Liberation War.

We also bring to your attention his message addressed to the Nation (read below)after broadcasting a report produced by an American channel, THE October 8, 1962, when I’Algeria became the 109th member of the Organization of nations United.

At the end of this historical documentary relating to the independence of Algeria, dearly acquired, and its accession at the United Nations General Assembly, we can see the Algerian flag hoisted for the first time at the UN by Ahmed Ben Bella.

The message addressed to the Nation by the Algerian President

“In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Merciful,
Prayers and Peace on the Seal of the Prophets,

fellow citizens, fellow citizens

The celebration of the 61st anniversary of Independence and Youth Day is intended as a renewed stopover to become aware of the importance and the nobility of the efforts that we are all called upon to make, at all levels and in all positions.

This is an opportunity that challenges us, in this precise situation, to be more vigilant and to work harder to meet the challenge of the transition to new modes of thinking, planning and management, in tune with the current era and able to put a definitive end to the concepts of welfare, rent and mentality of the “baylak” (public good) which squander the national wealth.

Praise be to God, the first signs of the new era, the objectives of which have been fully grasped by our youth, are now a palpable reality, a reality that manifests itself in an increased dynamic of domestic and foreign investments, a consecration of the value of work and effort, and access to the world of entrepreneurship and the knowledge economy through the emergence of small and medium-sized enterprises, made possible by the incentive measures we have launched to encourage the spirit of innovation and creativity among young people, and support the bearers of ideas and investment projects among young Algerians who have always shown a high sense of patriotism and loyalty to the oath of the brave Chouhada.

While addressing my congratulations to the Algerian people on the occasion of the anniversary of Independence and Youth, I would like to salute the People’s National Army, worthy heir to the National Liberation Army, standard-bearer of the heroes having made glory among the Chouhada and the mujahideen, proudly and worthily stationed at the borders and on the front lines, to defend the Fatherland and the Nation.

I also renew our sincere desire to honor his precious confidence in bringing our dear homeland, with the combined efforts of devoted patriots, and the awareness and commitment of our youth, jealous of their homeland, to the rank of emerging nations and the hoist to the place that befits his image and the sacrifices of the brave Chouhada and the valiant mujahideen.

Congratulations to our valiant people on this eternal day, may Allah bless our dear homeland with the grace of security and lasting progress and prosperity.

Long live algeria !
Glory and eternity to our brave Chouhada”

Translation Algeria Press Service