Algeria: Forest fires killed 15 and injured 26

Algeria: Forest fires killed 15 and injured 26

During the night of Monday July 24, 2023, a devastating series of forest fires hit several wilayas in Algeria. Considerable human and plant losses have already been deplored.

The wilayas of Béjaïa, Bouira and Jijel were the most affected by this wave of forest fires. The strong winds were an encouraging factor in the spread of the fires until reaching the inhabited villages. According to the civil protection services, 15 people died and 26 others were injured.

More than 1,500 citizens were evacuated from the commune of Fenaia in the daira of El Ksar and from Zbarbar in the daira of Lakhdaria. About 7,500 firefighters have been deployed on the ground, as well as 350 trucks of various sizes and air assets have been mobilized since yesterday evening.

Fire extinguishing operations are currently continuing in six other wilayas: Boumerdès, Bouira, Tizi Ouzou, Béjaïa, Jijel and Skikda, where firefighting teams were reinforced this morning with 13 mobile units and 3,050 additional firefighters.

Twelve aerial firefighting assets were mobilized in these six wilayas, including firefighting helicopters belonging to the People’s National Army air force, including a high-capacity firefighting aircraft.

The Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Regional Planning reassured the citizens residing in these wilayas, confirming the continued mobilization of civil protection services until the final extinction of the fires.

He reminded us to take preventive measures, to exercise caution and above all to follow the safety instructions, avoiding approaching the areas affected by the fires.

Citizens are also invited to report any incident to the toll-free numbers made available to them.

El Watan DZ