Arab countries unanimously condemn the horrific attack on the Gaza hospital.  They point to Israel as the sole culprit

Arab countries unanimously condemn the horrific attack on the Gaza hospital. They point to Israel as the sole culprit

Twenty-four hours after the appalling Israeli attack which blew up all the dikes, including those of international humanitarian law, by pulverizing the inviolable enclosure of the hospital Al-Ahli in Gaza and by shedding the blood of 500 innocent Palestinian victims, the unanimous, vigorous and unequivocal condemnations emanate from only one side: that of the East.

While the Western powers, who grandiosely pride themselves on raising the standard of human rights, pay lip service to this real crime against humanity or, worse still, remain miserably silent, the Arab countries , blame him without reservation.

Better yet, they do not allow themselves to be lured by the new gross state lie that Israel, full of shame, is distilling on the front of the international scene to the point of obscenity, by attributing to Hamas an abominable crime which bears the signature bloody violence of Netanyahu’s fascist government. The snake is, this time, a little too big to swallow…

Whether they compromised themselves by establishing dangerous liaisons with the Israeli apartheid state or whether they honored themselves by refusing to sell their souls to the devil, Arab countries are united today in their denunciation, in unison, of the vile, murderous attack against the Gaza hospital, but also in their designation of the only culprit: Israel.

So, at the moment when the United Arab Emirates unreservedly condemned the“Israeli attack”the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain expressed his “firm denunciation of the Israeli bombing”while the Morocco bluntly blamed Israel. These three countries have in common that they normalized and intensified their relations with Israel in 2020, by signing the Abraham Accords, under the aegis of Donald Trump.

L’Egypt, the first Arab country to have normalized relations with Israel in 1979, did not mince its words. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi condemned with the greatest force “the Israeli bombing” from Al-Ahli Hospital, which made “hundreds of innocent victims”. He saw, in this “deliberate bombing”a “flagrant violation of international law”.

L’Saudi Arabia which, from October 7, 2023, the date of the Palestinian offensive “The Flood of Al-Asqa”, immediately suspended discussions relating to a normalization of its relations with Israel, rebelled against a “heinous crime committed by the Israeli occupying forces”. For his part, Lhas Jordan which has also normalized its relations with Israel, declared unequivocally that Israel “bears responsibility for this serious incident”.

Among the Arab countries not signatories to peace agreements with Israel, THE Qatarknown to be close to Hamas, THE Kuwait and the sultanate ofOman immediately condemned “ LIsraeli attack »as did Iraq and Algeria by clearly accusing Israel of having perpetrated it.

In an apocalypse setting and a macabre atmosphere, surrounded by hundreds of victims whose bodies littered the ground (including very young children, even babies), the director of the Gaza hospital held, yesterday evening, a heartbreaking press conference, with admirable dignity and courage.