Ban on the abaya at school: "The abaya is not a religious outfit!"  indignant Abdallah Zekri, vice-president of the CFCM

Ban on the abaya at school: “The abaya is not a religious outfit!” indignant Abdallah Zekri, vice-president of the CFCM

The time for the start of the school year has not yet sounded when the new Minister of National Education, the very ambitious Gabriel Attal, has already sounded the death knell for the freedom to prefer long dresses to short skirts at school…

In a France where decency and modesty have been shattered, the correct dress required in the temples of knowledge and know-how is imposed on only one category of students: those who cover themselves more than most. of their classmates, and who, of course, are of the Muslim faith.

While they were making their resounding media comeback yesterday, Sunday August 27, which of Gabriel Attal or Gérald Darmanin, these two long-toothed rivals of Macronie, will have marked the spirits the most?

Gabriel Attal

By attacking the very rare abayas at school, which he knew full well that their ban would trigger yet another passionate controversy and throw Muslims into the hands of public opinion, Attal certainly struck a blow…

A blow for Abdallah Zekri, vice-president of the French Council for Muslim Worship, who expressed his deepest indignation at the microphone of BFMTV: this garment” has never been a religious sign », he hammered, deploring that this government decision was taken without any consultation.

Abdullah Zekri

I think the minister could have exchanged, asked the opinion of religious leaders. For me, the abaya is not a religious outfit, it’s a form of fashion “, he said, adding: “ If you go to some stores, you find abayas. It is a long and ample dress at the same time. It has nothing to do with religion “.

Already in June, the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) had vigorously denounced the new French obsession, with nauseating populist overtones, in these terms: “ Without wishing to minimize certain attacks on secularism, we fear that the media echo which is reserved for the abaya is disproportionate, with regard to other more serious subjects, such as in particular school harassment which continues to cause distress and suicides. Beyond a feeling of being faced with yet another debate on Islam and Muslims with its share of stigmatizations, we have the right to question ourselves about the authority which, in our secular Republic, has decreed that the Abaya is a Muslim religious sign. However, for us, this garment is not one.”

The predecessor of Gabriel Attal, Pap Ndiaye, questioned by the unions of heads of establishment on the increase in incidents linked to these outfits, had refused to ” publish endless catalogs to specify the lengths of dresses“.

There must be a text. The minister speaks, he fidgets, but there must be a text, which will specify how he wants to ban the abaya and his motivations “, requires for his part Abdallah Zekri, before driving the point home:” We are in a country of law, there is justice, there is the Council of State. I await the minister’s text and his motivations “.

In a France where the dignity of women is now measured by the length of a (short) cloth, and even though fashion plays with all lengths, will the Macron government have to put place a French-style morality police to control the (correct) lengths of skirts or dresses on school grounds?!