Beauvais: the author of the Islamophobic tag on the Hamza mosque sentenced to one year in prison

Beauvais: the author of the Islamophobic tag on the Hamza mosque sentenced to one year in prison

His act of nocturnal desecration, on December 25, darkened the Christmas Eve in Beauvais, in Oise, and plunged the local Muslim community into consternation.

This was not his first attempt, the shadowy Islamophobic vandal, who had written “monkey” in red on the wall of the Hamza mosque, as well as on the front of a store in the city, did not escape justice this time.

Betrayed by the trace of his fingerprint which was discovered on the threatening mail that he had addressed to the Beauvais mosque, the author of the racist and notoriously anti-Muslim tags, who had been raging for some time in Beauvais, was finally put out of harm’s way.

Found guilty of “public incitement to discrimination and threats of crime against people committed because of race, ethnicity, nation or religion, and damage to public property”, this dark individual was sentenced to year in prison, including six months, by the Beauvais court, Friday June 21. He is also banned from appearing at the Hamza mosque and from possessing a weapon, as well as an obligation to undergo psychological treatment.

Franck Pia, mayor of Beauvais

I had already reacted at the time to these filthy and unacceptable tags, it is good that justice has come this way. It’s a deserved sentence »declared, visibly relieved, Franck Pia, the UDI mayor of Beauvais.

The city’s chief magistrate, in fact, did not hide the immense reassurance that the legal outcome of this dirty affair gives him, since at the time of committing his acts, the defendant was serving a previous sentence by carrying out construction work. general interests (TIG) within its own municipality. “ TIG is a way of giving convicted people a second chance, of allowing them to reintegrate. I experience these acts as a betrayal », protested the councilor.