Burning of the Koran: Danish Foreign Minister expresses his "apologies and regrets" to his Algerian counterpart

Burning of the Koran: Danish Foreign Minister expresses his “apologies and regrets” to his Algerian counterpart

After the violent wave of burnings of the Holy Quran in the countries of the fjords, notably in Denmark and Sweden, which certainly owes nothing to chance, the time for an official apology has come.

Orchestrated on purpose, these highly inflammable provocations committed by arsonists of living together, under the windows of embassies of Muslim countries, including the Algerian embassy in Copenhagen, had aroused the indignation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Has this incandescent inferno of hatred finally been brought under control by the Nordic authorities? Are his arsonists finally consumed in the flames of their revengeful nationalism?

Right-wing extremist Danish-Swedish Rasmus Paludan
Salwan Momika from Iraq

In any case, the hour of the mea culpa and the unreserved condemnation of these heinous acts, which plunge the Old Continent back into medieval darkness, has sounded for Denmark, through the voice of its Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lars Lokke Rasmussen.

As reported by Algérie Presse Service (APS), the latter apologized on Monday, August 14, to Ahmed Attaf, the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, during a telephone interview.

The Danish minister expressed his regrets and apologies for the criminal wave of Quran burnings in front of the Embassies of Muslim countries, including the Algerian Embassy in Copenhagen. He called these acts intolerable and unacceptable and considered them to be inherently contrary to the traditions of welcome, openness and tolerance which are firmly rooted in Danish society. “, could we read under the pen of Ahmed Attaf

To the expression of apologies and regrets were added the firm commitment made by Denmark to ” finalize today the text of the law to put an end to these unspeakable practices », and the assurance that « the Danish Parliament will be seized of this bill as soon as it resumes its session in four weeks”.

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At the end of July, in front of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen, Quds al-Samerra’i did not hesitate for a moment to rush to the easel on which a Koran, soiled by the shoes placed on its cover, was exposed to the eyes of all, before being delivered to the flames of hatred.