Burning of the Koran in Sweden: Iraqi referees, footballers and fans brandish the Koran in protest

Burning of the Koran in Sweden: Iraqi referees, footballers and fans brandish the Koran in protest

In a highly symbolic gesture that bears witness to the outrage felt throughout the Arab and Muslim world, in the corridors of power as well as on the football pitches, Iraqi referees, players and supporters expressed their indignation and strong resentment last Saturday in the most beautiful and noble way possible.

They brandished, as one man, copies of the Koran during a League 1 match, in protest against the new sacrilegious provocation committed in Sweden: the burning of the Holy Koran in front of the Great Mosque of Stockholm, and even more infamously, on the very day of Eid Al-Adha. (see below)

The height of the odious, the one who knowingly set fire to the powder, not without jubilation, with the consent of the Swedish authorities, is none other than an Iraqi refugee in Sweden, the incendiary Salwan Momika. There iraqi justice today requests his extradition.

Under the avalanche of condemnations, Sweden which, under the guise of “freedom of expression”, had consented to this abject Islamophobic act, the eminently offensive and inflammable nature of which it could not decently ignore, ended up condemning it without reservation.

The European Union, through the spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Nabila Massrali, also raised its voice, firmly condemning an act “offensive, disrespectful and obviously provocative”.

Manifestations of racism, xenophobia and related intolerance have no place in Europe,” she said, adding “The EU joins the Swedish Foreign Ministry in its firm rejection of the burning of a Quran by an individual in Sweden. This act in no way reflects the views of the European Union. It is even more deplorable that such an act was committed during the important Muslim celebration of Eid al Adha“.

In Iraq, last Friday, before the kick-off signal was given for the match between the clubs of Al-Shorta and Al-Qasim, the emotion was at its height on the green lawn as in the stands. .

Referees and players, imitated by their fervent supporters, appeared each holding a copy of the Holy Quran, before hoisting it high, some even kissing it. At the same time, from the effervescent bleachers, a group of fans unrolled a banner on which was written in full: “The Koran is our eternal law, and its defense is obligatory for every Muslim.”

When the expression of legitimate anger honors those who let it burst openly.