rencontre annuelle des musulmans de france

Call to Muslims in France to be vigilant

In recent days, many small ultra-right groups have called for rallies in the capital and other cities in France. In Paris, Place Panthéon, where nearly 200 people gathered this Saturday, December 2, chanted slogans hostile to Muslims with Nazi salutes, and made fascist remarks against immigrants.

Furthermore, this Saturday evening a deadly attack occurred in Paris, leaving one victim and two injured. The alleged perpetrator of the tragedy reportedly shouted “Allah Akbar” after the attack. If this cry is confirmed, the alleged author of the attack has associated with the barbarity and cowardice of his abject crime against innocent people, the desecration of one of the sacred Muslim symbols of humility before God and before the men represented by the expression “Allah Akbar”.

As during what was described as a punitive expedition carried out by nearly 200 far-right activists, in Romains – Sur-Isère, after the tragic death of young Thomas in Crépol, it is to be feared that this tragic drama will be also used by far-right organizations to exacerbate tensions and stigmatize an entire community.

Already, many mosques in France have been victims of graffiti, racist inscriptions and damage. Muslim leaders and worshipers have received death threats. Women wearing headscarves have been attacked or insulted.

Faced with this context, the CFCM reiterates its call to Muslims in France to be extremely vigilant. He urges victims to systematically file complaints and not to underestimate anything. Words, inscriptions, insults, threats are often and unfortunately harbingers of more serious acts.

The CFCM reminds mosque leaders that since October 13, 2022, the level of the surveillance plan has been raised to the “EMERGENCY ATTACK” level.

On this basis and taking into account the latest events, we call on them to strengthen all the vigilance, prevention and protection measures already activated and in particular to:

– Further strengthen surveillance measures around mosques,

– Equip mosques with video surveillance devices. The latter, particularly dissuasive, could be financed via state aid of up to 80% of the overall cost: (,

– Exchange with the security forces any information likely to be of interest to them,

– Raise awareness among all those responsible and faithful about these security issues. In the event of an abnormal situation, they must have the reflex to immediately notify the police via emergency call 17,

– Stay informed via the documentation developed by national security on these issues. This is accessible at the address:,

– Affix the logo corresponding to the “emergency attack” posture on access doors. It can be downloaded at:

Furthermore, the CFCM has continued to denounce the trivialization of comments inciting hatred and discrimination against French citizens of the Muslim faith. Thoughtless and repeat offenders unfortunately continue to be invited and promoted in certain media where they pour out their hatred with complete impunity. It’s time for this to stop.

Our security and that of our fellow citizens as well as our unity and cohesion are our common causes. Everything must be done to preserve and strengthen them.

Paris, December 3, 2023

French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM)