“I hurt my France”: Nael's tragedy shakes the living together of the entire French nation!

Death of Nahel: “I want real justice” proclaims his father, overwhelmed with grief

He is a devastated father who modestly emerges from the shadows and silence, deeply traumatized by the tragic end of his son Nahel, killed in Nanterre by a policeman who left him no chance.

A week after this terrible tragedy, Hicham, 42, visibly very tried, spoke to AFP during an interview which took place in the office of his lawyer, Me Serge Money. He gave himself up with an open heart, his voice choking with emotion, hiding nothing of his life choices which cost him dearly, of his ” very difficult course which took him away from his child and led straight to prison.

After announcing its decision to constitute civil party for justice to Nahel and to say that I am alive »this father who was absent for a long time, and who today regrets it bitterly, confided his pain: I find it hard to recover […] I can’t sleep anymore »he explains, overwhelmed with grief.

And to continue, without self-indulgence: “ I made choices in my life that meant that I couldn’t attend his birth, I didn’t see his first steps, his first words “, while evoking his chaotic trajectory which led him inexorably behind bars.

A trajectory from which he fortunately branched off on his release from prison, walking on the path of reintegration: he forged a new future by working as a delivery driver.

Tuesday, June 27, at the very moment when the fate of his son Nahel was struck down by the fatal shooting of a policeman, Hicham was at home, in Val-de-Marne. A friend called me to tell me that a 17-year-old boy had been shot in Nanterre. After I learned that it was my son by seeing the photo, I collapsed »he says, upset.

The violent, unbearable death of his son has annihilated the secret hope he had nurtured for years: to be able, one day, to reconnect with his child. ” Now that the judicial machine is engaged, I am waiting for the policeman who took away all my hopes to be sentenced, like everyone else. I want real justice, he took a child’s life “, he proclaims in a heartbreaking way.

Asked whether the rain of posthumous tributes paid to Nahel brought him some comfort, this inconsolable father, no doubt consumed by remorse and in the grip of despair, replied: “ It doesn’t bother me at all, it won’t bring my son back to me. I can never make up for those years I was away “.