Earthquake: Morocco responds favorably to Algeria's offer of aid

Earthquake: Morocco responds favorably to Algeria’s offer of aid

Morocco responded to Algeria’s offer of help to deal with the consequences of the violent earthquake which left the kingdom in mourning, reports the Algerian media TSA.

On Saturday, Algeria offered to send specialized rescuers from Civil Protection and disaster aid and announced the exceptional reopening of its airspace to Moroccan planes transporting the injured and humanitarian aid.

On Sunday, Algeria reiterated its offer by affirming its availability to send to Morocco a team of 80 specialized rescuers from Civil Protection in order to participate in the search for possible survivors still under the rubble of houses collapsed under the effect of the earthquake. earth.

Initially, Morocco reacted by affirming that, for reasons linked to the organization of relief, it accepted aid from a few “friendly” countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. France, which proposed and insisted on sending aid to Morocco, did not receive a response from King Mohamed VI.

This Monday, Rabat finally reacted to Algeria’s offer of aid. The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, welcomed Algeria’s proposal to send rescue workers, on one condition.

“We welcome Algerian aid, but in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Mr. Ouahbi, whose comments were reported by Moroccan and international media such as Al Arabiya and Al Horra.

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