England: Muslims celebrate the birth of the Prophet by offering roses

England: Muslims celebrate the birth of the Prophet by offering roses

In the north-west of England, in pedestrian thoroughfares where, like everywhere else, hands are rarely extended towards others, the sudden appearance of a group of Muslim volunteers, their arms loaded with bouquets of roses, produced a marvelous effect. It was sunny on the first day of autumn in Blackburn.

After creating a surprise among intrigued, troubled, even suspicious passers-by, their luminous and benevolent presence ended up breaking the ice and warming many hearts, during a memorable Saturday, September 23.

Eager to spread around them the joy that the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) gives them, these bearers of the good Islamic word have chosen the language of flowers to initiate dialogue and the scent of roses to exhale sweet effluvia.

We were able to express our sincere happiness and joy as the commemoration of Mawlid, the birth of the Messenger of Allah, approached, by distributing roses and sweets to the entire community, regardless of race or religion. », rejoiced one of the spokespersons for the “Mawlid in the City” operation, which spread with the same success throughout the kingdom of Charles III.

This event was a great way to explain to our fellow British citizens of other faiths and no faith what our religion is, spreading Islam’s message of peace, love and harmony. “, he stressed.

In the streets of Blackburn, at the first warm autumn light, a group of Muslim volunteers, holding bouquets of roses towards their neighbors, succeeded in abolishing the walls which inexorably distance one from the other: those of incomprehension, of fear and hatred.